Solgar Super High Potency Biotin 10,000 mcg Review

Looking into supplementing with a high dose biotin product?

In this article, we take a look into Solgar’s Super High Potency Biotin 10,000 mcg, which made our list of the The Top 5 Best Vitamins for Hair, Skin, and Nails.

You’ll learn about his products ingredients, its potential health benefits, and more.

Product Ingredients

This supplement includes:

  • 10,000 mcg of Biotin (33,333% Daily Value)

Other ingredients include:

  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Vegetable Cellulose
  • Silica
  • Vegetable Magnesium Stearate
Solgar Super High Potency Biotin 10,000 mcg, Non-GMO, 120 Vegetable Capsules
  • WHY BIOTIN: Biotin is a water soluble B-Vitamin that is required for protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Biotin also helps support energy metabolism in the body as well
  • HOW IT HELPS: Biotin helps promote and support healthy skin, nails and hair. It is also a B-Vitamin that is necessary for certain enzymes to work properly within the body
  • ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: The way that Biotin helps support energy production in the body is by converting food into energy and is required for fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism
  • SUITABLE FOR VEGANS: All capsules are non-GMO and certified gluten free. They are also free of wheat, dairy, soy, yeast, sugar, sodium, artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives and colors

Potential Health Benefits

Biotin is a B complex vitamin. It’s involved in the process of turning food into energy for the body.

In addition to biotin being an important component in many processes that happen in the body, biotin has several health benefits.

The main benefits that biotin is associated with are improving the health/appearance of the hair, skin, and nails. Biotin may be beneficial for the hair, skin, and nails, but scientific knowledge of this topic is not definitive.

Interest in biotin as a supplement for hair likely came about because biotin deficiency is associated with hair loss. (1) (2) However, this fact doesn’t mean that just anyone’s hair health will benefit from taking a biotin supplement—people with an actual biotin deficiency will benefit the most from biotin supplementation. (3)

More research is needed on the topic of biotin to determine if it’s beneficial for healthy individuals’ hair.

Like with the hair, if you’re deficient in biotin, it can have adverse effects on the skin, such as developing rashes. (4) (5)

There have been some studies that indicated biotin provided relief from skin conditions, but the available studies were done in infants with alopecia. (6) (7) More study is needed on the topic.

There have been some studies on biotin’s effects on the nails as well, but evidence is limited and the studies didn’t include placebo groups.

In one, nail thickness increased by 25% after biotin supplementation. (8) In another study, 91% of participants who were able to be evaluated “showed definite improvement with firmer and harder fingernails”. (9) In the last study, 35 participants were prescribed a “B-complex vitamin biotin” and were evaluated over a 6 month period. 63% showed clinical improvement. The rest saw no change in their nails. (10)

As you can see with these studies on biotin’s relationship to the hair, skin, and nails, there have been some promising results. These results need to be put into context though: they were small studies, not the highest quality, and what we do know is that biotin may only be of benefit to people with a biotin deficiency.

There are other potential health benefits from supplementing with biotin.

Biotin fuels the enzymes that are responsible for the metabolism of fat, protein, and carbohydrates.

It’s also important during pregnancy and breastfeeding. During pregnancy, more biotin is required, so it’s a good idea to take a supplement like this or take a prenatal vitamin containing biotin.

Some animal studies appear to show a link between biotin deficiency and birth defects. (11) (12) (13)

Dosage & When to Take It

A serving size of this supplement is one vegetable capsule. We recommend taking it with a meal and beverage, but it is easier on the stomach since it’s made with a vegetable capsule.


High potency means it may be able to address a biotin deficiency quicklyMore research still needs to be done on biotin and its health effects
May help improve the health/appearance of the hair, skin, and nailsAt 33,333% of the daily value for biotin, it’s likely more than necessary aside from people who have a severe biotin deficiency
Is involved in many important bodily processes
May promote healthier pregnancies
Free of: gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, yeast, sugar, sodium, artificial flavor, sweetener, preservatives, and color.

Product Overview

Solgar’s Super High Potency Biotin 10,000 mcg is a great option of you’re looking for a high-dose biotin supplement. This product is best suited to people who have a biotin deficiency, since it’s such a potent dosage.

It’s unclear what benefits you get from biotin after reaching a certain point of potency. The good thing is that biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, meaning that the excess is excreted through the urine and it’s not toxic.

If you’re experiencing the signs of biotin deficiency, this is a supplement worth trying. As always, check with your doctor first.


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