ChiroFlex Turmeric Curcumin Whey-Protein Complex

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Overall Rating:          4.3/5

ChiroFlex Turmeric Curcumin Whey Protein Complex is a combination product that includes both turmeric extract and whey protein. It’s designed for sports nutrition.

Ingredient Breakdown

The label on this supplement shows 600 mg ChiroFlex Curcumin – Whey complex derived from 95% cucumin solids, vegetarian capsule, and sunflower lecithin. It doesn’t specify the individual ingredients in the complex.

The Good

Chiroflex combines two awesome health supplements into one capsule: turmeric curcumin and whey protein. It’s also available across the web on several different sites, giving it a boost in accessibility.

The Bad

This doesn’t specify exactly how much curcumin is in the supplement, it just calls it a curcumin-whey complex. Although combined supplements seem like a good idea, usually what happens is there’s not enough of either active ingredient to be effective. For better results, we suggest simply taking a stronger turmeric supplement and a separate, higher-quality whey protein supplement.

How to Buy ChiroFlex Turmeric Curcumin Whey-protein Complex

ChiroFlex is available here on Amazon.



Ingredients: ..……..…………3.4


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Chiroflex Turmeric Curcumin Pain Relief - Bioperine Free for Maximum Inflammatory Support - Pain Relief, Joint and Muscle Supplement for Men and Women - Fast Acting Relief Factor - 60 Count Capsules
  • Anti-Inflammatory Supplement: Turmeric curcumin provides arthritis, joint and muscle pain relief.
  • Maximum Absorption: Our turmeric supplements are more bioavailable than other curcumin products.
  • High potency: These Curcumin turmeric capsules are more powerful and fast acting than many other brands due to being bound with a whey protein.
  • Patent Pending Formula: Chiroflex has 95 standardized curcuminoids, a powerful compound found in turmeric root.
  • High Quality Ingredients: The purest ingredients that are all processed and packaged here in the USA.

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