Fresh Healthcare Pure Raspberry Ketones Review

Fresh Healthcare Pure Raspberry Ketones is a supplement containing 1000mg of raspberry ketones. This product made our list of the best raspberry ketone supplements.

In this Fresh Healthcare Pure Raspberry Ketones review, you’ll find this product’s ingredients, potential health benefits, its pros and cons, and our assessment of it.

Product Ingredients/Supplement Facts

This supplement contains one active ingredient:

  • 1000mg of pure raspberry ketone

Other ingredients include cellulose (capsule), magnesium stearate (vegetable source), and silicon dioxide.

Potential Health Benefits

There are a few claims that supplement marketers make about raspberry ketones. Fresh Healthcare claims that raspberry ketones promote weight loss by shrinking fat cells, increasing metabolism, increasing adiponectin levels, and suppressing appetite.

But do raspberry ketones really do all that? We’ll take a look at the scientific evidence in this section.

Weight Loss

While far from definitive, some research has indicated raspberry ketones may help promote weight loss.

There are a couple of reasons that researchers have speculated this.

In test tube studies in mice cells, raspberry ketones increased a certain type of metabolism. They also increased production of the adiponectin, a hormone associated with weight loss and is found in higher numbers in healthier people. Low levels of adiponectin are associated with obesity.

In a study done in mice, raspberry ketones prevented and improved obesity and fatty liver.

In a study done in rats, raspberry ketones raised adiponectin levels and protected the liver from fatty liver disease.

There was a study done in human subjects in which the subjects lost almost 8% of their fat mass, but the study used a supplement that contained a combination of raspberry ketones and other ingredients, so it’s not clear which ingredients led to the results.

Cosmetic Benefits

Some studies suggest that raspberry ketones applied topically may promote hair growth in people who are balding or have male pattern baldness and also improve skin elasticity.

However, that was a study done on topical application of raspberry ketones, and you can’t assume the same for an oral supplement like this. More research needs to be done to be able to make this claim about raspberry ketones anyway.

Raspberry ketones may help promote weight loss, but that remains to be proven by further testing. If raspberry ketones do promote weight loss, results are likely very modest and they’re no substitute for a proper diet and exercise.

Raspberry ketones are likely safe for otherwise healthy people, so there’s probably little harm in taking them and assessing your results. Pregnant women and diabetics should avoid raspberry ketones.

Dosage & When to Take It

A serving size for this supplement is 2 veggie capsules. A bottle contains 90 servings.


May promote weight loss by increasing certain types of metabolismThe manufacturer claims their product can help suppress appetite-there’s no evidence of this
May increase adiponectin, which is associated with weight lossMuch more research needs to be done on raspberry ketones before they’re understood
Contains antioxidantsSide effects reported by consumers include feelings of nausea and jitteriness
May prevent weight gain
Has a risk-free 30-day trial
Made in a certified GMP facility

Product Overview

Raspberry ketones may show a small amount of potential as a weight loss supplement but far more research needs to be done on raspberry ketones before we can truly know its effects.

Raspberry ketones are “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS) by the FDA, so trying them and monitoring your results is fine, just have realistic expectations.

For what they are, Fresh Healthcare Pure Raspberry Ketones are a respectable choice if you’re looking to try a raspberry ketones supplement.

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